6 Summer Gardening Projects For Your Kids

By Nadina Taylor July 20, 2023

Summer holidays are here, and I know you want to keep your kids busy during this time. You want your kids to spend quality time during these holidays. For that, I will suggest that you build a habit of gardening in them.

Gardening will help your kids in developing a love for nature, and they will learn a life skill. This skill will help them in various ways in their life.

In this article, I will tell you six different ways of keeping your kids engaged in gardening projects.

1.    Sow seeds with you:

You can take new seeds of flowers or vegetables from the market and can teach your kid how to sow them. Teach them how to dig a hole, sow a seed, and how take care of them so that they can become plants or trees.

Give your child the duty to water plants regularly and take care of them.

2.    Grow Herbs in Pots:

If you are short on space or don't have a garden at all, you can buy some pots and herbs from the market.

Teach your kid how to put soil in the pot, sow herbs in it, and take care of it so that they will grow. You can put these pots in the kitchen or in your yard where sunlight can reach them.

3.    Paint Garden Rocks:

Painting garden rocks will not only teach your kid artwork but will also enhance their love for nature and the garden. This activity will turn them into a gardener and artist.

You can use this activity for your crops' benefit too. Paint the rocks in the shape of your crop. For example, if you have strawberries in your garden, paint your rocks like that. In this way, birds and pests will attack the rock and will leave your crop alone.

4.    Making Bird Feeders:

You can find different tutorial videos on Google and YouTube that will help you to make bird feeders at home with extra plastic bottles.

These tutorials will help your kid in making bird feeders of different types. They can also paint those feeders to give an attractive look to the garden.

These feeders will attract birds, and your garden will be full of different types of birds.

5.    Make Grass Bucket Seats:

This project will also help your kid in having their own garden space and working on something from scratch.

For this project, take a metal bucket or bin. Take scissors and add drainage holes in the bottom. Fill it with soil and compost and press it down. Now, sprinkle grass seeds in it and water them.

It will only take 1-2 weeks for the grass to start germinating.

6.    Make a Water Spot for Honeybees:

This project is pretty easy and will give your kids a chance to explore honeybees. For it, you have to take a shallow dish and fill it with small flat pebbles or marbles. Then, fill it with water. 

Your bees and insects will land on pebbles and will use the water. Your kid can inspect them and can learn about different insects.


In short, these are six different garden-related projects which will keep you engaged in the summer. These activities will help them in learning different aspects of nature, birds, insects, and plants. It will teach them different valuable skills that will enhance their motor skills.

So, do try these projects with your kids.