Activities Teens Can Do In The Summer

By Nadina Taylor July 30, 2023

Summer Activities for Teenagers: 

If you are a teenager or have one in your house, you must be looking for some summer activities to keep yourself engaged in the summer holidays. So, I am going to discuss a few summer activities which teenagers can do in it.

There are seven activities that teenagers can do at home.

1.     Joining a Summer Course:

There will be a lot of summer courses which are either teaching any new skill or enhance the academic skills of students. You can check different courses around you and can take any course which interests you or your teenager.

Those courses can be swimming, language, IT, animation, engineering, or first aid. 

Join one or two courses to learn and keep yourself engaged this summer.

2.     Start a new job:

If you have an older teenager, you can ask them to start a job. This job will teach them new skills and will be a great start to their employment history.

Look for the opportunities around you or ask your family, neighbors, or connections if they are hiring someone for any job.

Older teenagers can find jobs in local restaurants, farms, fairs, summer camps, or any seasonal business. 

You can also ask people around you if they need a babysitter or anyone who can work with them in the garden. Or, you can give services of dog walking, pet sitting, or picking up or sorting out lego for busy parents.

3.     Learn a New Skill:

You can avail this time by learning new skills. It is the world of IT so you can learn any freelancing skill from YouTube and can practice it. You can also give freelancing services to people and can earn some extra money.

You can also learn some basic life skills such as sewing, crafting, painting, learning to change a tire, or any other basic skills from your family members or in any institute.

4.     Build New Habits:

You can work on your personality and can adopt new habits in your life. These habits can include book reading, writing, designing your clothes, redecorating your room, keeping your home tidy, or anything else you want to start.

You can give yourself a target of reading 10 books in a month. You can start a book blogging channel on social media. Like this, you can give yourself different targets to learn and adopt new skills. 

According to some research, it takes almost 30 days for someone to build and get used to a habit. So, practice one habit for a month to make it a part of your life.

5.     Baking and Cooking:

Your teenager can start baking and cooking courses too in the summer. Or, you can ask your teenager to learn new recipes from YouTube or Google and practice it at home.

Give them the responsibility of one meal daily so that they remain engaged and learn new recipes and skills.

Give them the task of learning and practicing at least ten recipes for cooking and baking in a month. This milestone will keep them engaged and motivated to learn new things. 

6.     Starting a Gym:

Your teenager can also start a gym to remain fit. In the summer holidays, they can gain weight or lose their fitness because of laziness or no activity.

But, the gym will keep them in shape. They can also meet new people in the gym which will activate their social life too.

7.     Traveling:

Your teenager can also explore new places and cities in the summer. There are a lot of budget-friendly ways of traveling that your teenager can avail in these holidays.

During traveling, they can also do camping and hiking. They can meet new people and learn about new cultures and ways of life. 


So, these activities are not only interesting and engaging but will also teach new things to the teens. These activities will make their summer productive and will prepare them mentally and physically for life ahead of them.